Urban warrior

Bachelor exhibition Cologne

The exhibition held in Cologne is guided by the theme of the urban warrior. My chosen theme was the protection of the environment. Students in the field of graphic design, fashion and photography were part of the exhibition. I was a student representative in the field of graphic design. With our colleagues in the field of graphic design, we made an excellent and organized team that presented their works in a professional way. The first-day preparations were made for the exhibition itself, the second day the exhibition was open to visitors and other students, the third-day exhibition was open to participants, students who presented their papers to other students and docents. The opportunity for students to present themselves and their works as well as to learn how one exhibition and the entire organization and presentation function is an important step for future projects as well as the future achievements of each study. At the exhibition, I presented two posters and one roll - up. I also presented my portfolio as well as some of my designs in printed form. Some of the fused designs were event cards, business cards, envelopes, packagings. The posters were presented with one in the A4 format and another A3 size. Posters were very impressive for most of the individuals who, with positive ideas and thoughts, praised the work and enjoyed its positive radiation. Visitors could enjoy a diversity of discrete design styles, interesting and innovative ideas. In a conversation with visitors, I encountered various comments. The comments were very positive and the visitors were responsive to my idea. The topic of environmental protection is one of the current topics of today and is significant for the future of our planet. During the exhibition, the atmosphere was very positive, which significantly influenced the representatives who were therefore extremely motivated and successful. The exhibition was a wonderful and new experience for me. During the exhibition as well as preparations for the same I gained a lot of new knowledge and ideas that will be significant for my future development in the field of graphic design.