Urban warrior

Group project

A project called Reboxable was worked out in co-operation with colleagues. This part of the project was based on teamwork and communication with colleagues from different countries. The team consisted of three people. Communication with colleagues was online as well as during the BA weekend. For the newly created company, the logo has been created and the logo itself has become part of the company's presentation and our ideas during the project. For this project, I designed three posters and they also will be present in the portfolio. Posters are designed with the idea to advertise the newly created company and the idea that the company has. Bags and envelopes will be created with recyclable material, which is actually the very idea of the project. These products will be presented at the exhibition. Preparation for printing as well as the printing itself and the design of envelopes was done independently in cooperation with a printing company. Working with colleagues on a joint project significantly contributed to improving teamwork and communication at a professional level. This was an interesting and quality experience for all of us.