Urban warrior

Projekt one - Corporate design

The chosen topic on which I will work and on which my projects are based is the protection of the environment. The entire major project will be based on this topic. My first project is dedicated to corporate design. During the first part of the project, I worked on researching and discovering new and inspiring ideas. As a newly formed organization, it needs to be recognizable from the start. So I came up with the idea to design a logo that would represent the organization. Logo consists of image-based logo combined with a newly formed organization title that is stamped by well-established typography. The prediction of the observer is enhanced by a specific but at the same time very stable mixture of colors. The message and the call to be sent to the ordinary observer will be simple but also unique and showy. In the interest of better communication, business and membership cards are designed. An organization that greatly contributes to the importance of various events and invitations to all people around the world has also been designed events cards that will serve as invitations to events organized by the organization. During the first project, it was also worked on posters and flyers that show the goal and purpose of the organization. With the work, new ideas for future projects were discovered. Designs are combined with different colors, typography, and graphics. Therefore, I tried to get an ideal composition and present my works in the best possible way and discover some new skills and ideas.