Urban warrior

Projekt two - Advertising campaign

The second part of the project was an advertising campaign. The advertising campaign consists of a series of posters that are an important part of the advertising of a company or organization. As an organization dealing with the protection of the environment, public appearances and representation are very important. By doing so, the posters that are designed will greatly assist in advertising as well as the support of the organization itself both publicly and through social networks around the world. Poster series consists of seven posters. Two posters were created for two events, and the other five posters were created to present the organization and its future goals. The poster series is not only oriented towards one working style. Different ideas and styles were used in the preparation of the posters. Part of the work is also devoted to graphics and photos, which have contributed significantly to the development of the poster to the final design. One of the posters from the advertising campaign will be presented at the exhibition.It is a poster "We sing for a better ecosystem". It is a poster event that invites people to come to the event and also support the organization. This poster invites people to improve and maintain our ecosystem. In the course of the advertising campaign, a roll-up was also designed. Roll-ups will also be presented at the exhibition. It is made in a standard size of 85x200 cm and in the original version, i.e. the size will be presented. Roll-up content consists of a combination of graphics and photos. The main graphic message on the roll-up is made up of a combination of the words "Urban" and „Warrior“. Graphic focus is given to the photograph of the head of the human as the main actor to whom the message is intended. This is also the graphic modification of the human eye itself, which as a combination of graphics objects and texts appear as an observable message to the observer and thus conveys a visual message. Different art styles have contributed significantly to the development of the project. Each work is a unique entity that shows considerable progress and a picture of professionalism. The advertising campaign opened new possibilities and ideas that are important for creativity in the work and for further projects.