Urban warrior

Project three - Recycling campaign

The third part of the project is devoted to the recycling campaign and to the preparation itself for the exhibition. This project concludes a major project. Recycling campaign as a final project gave the perfect composition to the entire major project. In the realization of new ideas, the theme recycling campaign was a great source. As a very important topic today, a lot of interesting videos as blogs related to this topic additionally inspired my work. During this project, a series of posters were designed as well as two packages of recyclable materials. Posters gave one perfect idea of recycling and one of the posters is also presented at the exhibition. In this part of the project, a lot of time has been spent in planning and preparing itself for everything that is needed for the exhibition. The time is also invested in the creation of the portfolio itself, the preparation of products and the preparation of the presentation of works at the exhibition. A major project has significantly contributed to the improvement and improvement of new techniques in the work. The whole project also influenced the development of new ideas and the improvement of the organization of work. The major project readiness and confidence for future projects has reached one professional level and has significantly influenced new inspirational ideas as well as further motivation in work.